Polish Holographic Systems

We are manufacturer of KineMax - microlithography and hologram mastering systems, was founded in 1999. Today we are a reliable and reputable manufacturer of equipment for optical microstructures and security holograms origination.

New Special Offer

Personalization and certification Kinemax system.
You can buy additional security package for your machine.


High Quality

  • Highest Quality

    Holograms printed by machines that we offer to you, stand out high precision detail.

High Security

  • High Security

    Our machines has a high level of security software, hardware, and finished products.

Advanced Solutions

  • Advanced Solutions

    Super high precision XY-translation stage is provid ed to translate the photoresist plate and one to translate the opticalrecording head. Resolution is 0.1 micron (100 nanometres).

Over 30 Kinemax units sold to satisfy our Customers

Today with our experience and product quality we are most reputable manufacturer of hologram mastering equipment in the world.