• Maximum hologram size - any size, limited only by XY-stage size
  • Maximum graphical resolution of holograms : 24.000dpi in UltraSec mode
  • Maximum graphical resolution in Litho mode : 120.000dpi (ie 0,2 micron drawing resolution, 1 micron min. line width)
  • Number of diffractive angles used for standard type holograms - 256 in 180°
  • Maximum number of diffractive angles > 10.000
  • Color preserving mode (keeps the colour constant with left-right hologram flipping)
  • Non-exposed colour - Black - transparent for 2D/3D and 3D background, dark colours (R+G+B<50) – non-transparent for 2D/3D and 3D background. : 255
  • Rainbow colours number for dot-matrix type exposure
  • Maximum number of pure (non-mixed) diffractive colours : > 10.000
  • Multiple resolutions - automatically expose holograms sets containing any resolution
  • Differently shaped sub-images - 2 different and unique sub-image shapes available
  • Flexible resolution - automatically software controllable for any hologram size
  • Standard pixel size - any size down to 1,05 micron
  • Standard graphical pixel shape - perfect square
  • Seamless pixels joints: Yes - within one sub-image
  • Speed of exposure for single exposure, multicolour hologram up to:
    • 20 cm2/h (for MegaPack systems)
    • 7 cm2/h (for BrandSec systems)
    • 5 cm2/h (for High and UltraSec systems)
    • 3 cm2/h (for Lithographic systems)
  • Automatically exposing of the holograms containing different colours or spatial frequencies within one exposure without hardware change
  • Diffractive white pixels - using gratings mixing or special diffractive structures
  • On the fly grating orientation - automatically expose holograms containing different grating orientations without any hardware changes
  • Grating orientation range - 0 - 360 degrees
  • On the fly grating spacing - automatically expose holograms containing different grating spacing without any hardware changes
  • Grating spacing frequencies standard range: 900 - 1500 lines/mm in holographic mode 0- 500 lines/mm (litho mode).
  • Pixel intensity modulation - created by fringes contrast modulation
  • Hologram tonal range - 8 bit - 256 greyscale or brightness levels
  • Multiple image elements in a single hologram - automatically create holograms from many separate images
  • Optical recombination - Automatically expose different holograms on the same plate in user defined sequence or in custom chosen position
  • Automatic registration marks
  • Conventional hologram registration utility


Personalization and certification Kinemax system.
You can buy additional security package for your machine.

Advanced security

  • Personalization of the mastering unit
  • Unique structure of hologram master
  • Allows to autenthicate your product
  • Increase the hologram security level
  • Mastering unit certification

Personalization of software for special clients

  • Unique hologram properties for each customers
  • Hardware key secured software - High security applications
  • Individual design

Personalization security

  • Hologram master source identification assistance
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies
  • All customer information is fully confidential

Our Vision

PSH Company, manufacturer of KineMax - microlithography and hologram mastering systems, was founded in 1999. Today we are a reliable and reputable manufacturer of equipment for optical microstructures and security holograms origination.